Aerial view of the Werner & Mertz headquarter with solar pannels and wind turbines on the roof

Rainett, ecological and committed

For over 30 years, Rainett has been defending strong values and commitments while innovating every day.
The ecological brand Rainett is entering the shelves of French supermarkets.
Rainett products are certified by the European Ecolabel, a guarantee of confidence and reliability.
All clear PET bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable.
We are launching the first 100% recyclable mono-material eco-refill.
Rainett, committed at all levels

Rainett, a pioneering brand in ecological cleaning, helps the French care for their homes while protecting the planet and their health. Rainett is environmentally and socially committed at all levels and is constantly innovating to meet the challenges of our century.

Werner & Mertz headquarters in Mainz by night

Rainett, a brand of Werner & Mertz

Werner & Mertz is a visionary family-owned company that has been a pioneer in the field of ecological cleaning for over 150 years. In 1986, in response to new climate challenges, the group launched the Frosch brand in Germany, represented by its iconic green frog. In 1990, the brand arrived in France under the name Rainett.

Picture of headquarters of Werner & Mertz highlighting EMAS certification

Ethical industrial production

Rainett is committed to a sustainable and responsible approach from manufacturing to logistics thanks to an efficient environmental management system, the use of renewable energies, the integration of the packaging supplier directly on its production site and an energy self-sufficient administration building.

glass cleaner and kitchen soda

Eco-designed packaging

For over 10 years, Rainett has launched a vast program of innovation aimed at improving the recyclability and reusability of its packaging. After massively integrating 100% recycled plastic in its bottles, Rainett developed the first 100% recyclable single-material pouch, and is now launching a fully recyclable, more robust trigger that can be reused several times and already integrates 29% recycled plastic.

Yellow Rapeseed field in front of green willow and hilly landscape with a blue sky in the background

Formulas inspired by nature

For the health of its consumers and to minimise its environmental impact, Rainett offers ever healthier products. We carefully select our ingredients to offer vegan and natural formulas, without harmful components for the health.

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A multi-certified ecological approach

Thanks to the composition of its products and their effectiveness, its eco-designed packaging and its high-performance industrial tool, Rainett's approach is certified at the highest level by numerous labels. These certifications testify to our ability to develop products that are truly environmentally friendly and of good quality.

Picture of wind turbine on green lawn with hills in the background and sunset

Our social and political commitment

Rainett is also committed to working with institutions, politicians and NGOs to make a difference in the preservation of the environment, biodiversity and health.