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Formulas inspired by nature

Sustainable and biodegradable formulas to care for the planet and everyone's health.
Ecological and efficient

Rainett is inspired by the powers of nature and carefully selects the ingredients in its formulas to make them healthy and gentle, with respect for health and the environment and to offer our users an ecological alternative for their cleaning products.

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Ingredients of natural origin

The choice of raw materials

All the washing agents (surfactants) in Rainett formulas are made of plant origin to combine effectiveness and naturalness. For each of our products, a key natural ingredient is added to reinforce the effectiveness of the formulas (lemon or vinegar known for their anti-scale action, aloe vera which takes care of the skin, or bicarbonate which degreases). All Rainett products are vegan (no animal ingredients) and not tested on animals.

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European surfactants

We favour European sourcing of our raw materials. For our surfactants, we select European vegetable oils, such as sunflower or rapeseed oil, not used in the food industry. We are working on the complete elimination of palm oil by substituting it with 100% European surfactants and avoiding replacing it with coconut oil, which currently causes the same problems.

Health-friendly formulas

No harmful ingredients

We have chosen to ban all controversial ingredients from our formulas. We do not use petroleum derivatives, allergenic preservatives (MIT, BIT or CMIT) or endocrine disruptors. We are also committed to not using environmentally harmful components or substances such as formaldehydes, borates or bleach. Our specifications are extremely strict in order to guarantee a limited impact on the environment and the greatest respect for the health of our users.

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Gentle to your skin

For the respect of your skin, our formulas are dermatologically tested. Carefully selected preservatives and perfumes are reduced to a minimum or completely abandoned. The aloe vera-based products, as well as the fabric softeners and the Zero% and Baby ranges, are hypoallergenic and perfectly suited to very sensitive skin.

For your health and to minimise our environmental impact, we are working on ever healthier products.

Our commitments

  • Washing agents of vegetable origin
  • Key ingredients of natural origin
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Carefully selected fragrances
  • No allergenic preservatives (MIT, BIT or CMIT)
  • Vegan and not tested on animals