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A multi-certified ecological approach

Our goal: to develop products that respect the environment and health without compromising on efficiency.
The labels

All our processes are certified at the highest level by numerous labels rewarding the composition of our products, our packaging and our production tools. For example, our products are Ecolabel certified and respect the A.I.S.E. Sustainable Development Charter or ISO 9001 standards. Thanks to our production site and logistics system, we have obtained EMAS certification.

Ecolabel logo


Reliable and independent, the European Ecolabel is issued by a public body and takes into account the entire life cycle of the product, from production to recycling or disposal after use. It guarantees that the certified product is at least as effective as an equivalent traditional product. All eligible Rainett products have received Ecolabel certification.

Our other labels

Logo of ECARF certification
Awarded by the European Centre for Allergy Research, it is given to products that respect the needs of allergy sufferers. The certification guarantees that the product has been tested on sensitive skin and meets strict anti-allergenic criteria.
Logo of Cradle to Cradle certification
Cradle to Cradle
Based on the principle of circular economy, the CtoC label analyzes the ingredients, functionality, use and recyclability of the formula and packaging with the aim of designing a product that once used, degrades, recycles and reintegrates into the environment.
Logo of EMAS certification
Implemented in the organisation on a voluntary basis, this is the most comprehensive system for identifying, managing and improving corporate environmental performance. It requires constant improvement to maintain certification year after year.
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Air Label Score

1st label for indoor air quality

Each year, indoor air pollution is responsible for 20,000 premature deaths in France and causes more than 30,000 cases of serious illness. Paints, floors, furniture, insulation, home fragrances, tobacco or even household cleaning products can cause the emission of chemical substances that are harmful to health and invisible to the naked eye.

Did you know?

  • Every day we inhale an average of 12,000 litres of air
  • Nearly 80% of French people's time is spent indoors
  • The indoor air we breathe is 8 times more polluted than the outdoor air
  • There are over 500 toxic pollutants in indoor air
  • 42% of interiors contain an average of 4 carcinogenic pollutants
  • Some cleaning products can emit VOCs that are pollutants to the indoor air

Rainett and Air Label Score

Faced with indoor air pollution and the impact that household cleaners can have, Rainett is committed to preserving the health of its users. Rainett has had part of its range certified by Air Label Score, an independent label dedicated to indoor air quality. This label guarantees consumers the best information on the risk of toxicity by inhalation of products in indoor air, thanks to an easily readable scoring system. The Air Label Score certification is based on over 125 international standards and regulations and is recognised worldwide. The analyses are carried out by COFRAC accredited and independent laboratories: they follow methods established according to internationally recognised ISO standards and do not receive any funding from governments or institutions.

Visual of a selection of Air Label Score certified products

Our certified products

The product tests are based on scenarios reproducing the conditions of use of the products and are available in free access. At the end of the tests, the label gives a rating (from A+ to C) to the products according to the emission of pollutants in the indoor air, allowing consumers to have clear information on the risk of toxicity. Rainett's household cleaning products as well as Almond and Aloe Vera laundry detergents and Aloe Vera fabric softener received A+ and A ratings.

Clean your home pollution-free

  • Air every day for at least 10 minutes, morning and evening, summer and winter
  • Remember to clean the VMCs every quarter
  • Respect the recommended dosage of cleaning products
  • Selecting labelled products, healthier for the environment
  • Do not mix certain products to avoid chemical reactions

Select labelled products, such as those bearing the Ecolabel or tested by Air Label Score and having obtained a good score.

Dr. Souvet, cardiologist and President of ASEF
Picture of Dr Pierre Souvet, cardiologist and president of ASEF

Interview with Dr. Souvet

On the subject of indoor air pollution, Dr. Pierre Souvet, President of ASEF, points out that some household cleaning products can cause toxic fumes that can lead to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, allergies, loss of fertility and cancer. In fact, according to him, there are more than 100,000 chemical substances on the European market, of which only a small proportion are known to have health effects and whose products are not necessarily withdrawn from the market.