Picture of headquarters of Werner & Mertz highlighting EMAS certification

Ethical industrial production

From manufacturing to logistics, we are committed to a sustainable and responsible approach.
Ecology at the heart of production

Our products are manufactured in Germany, Austria and France in compliance with strict environmental standards. Our production sites are EMAS certified, the most rigorous environmental management system in Europe. We prioritise renewable energy for our production tool and have integrated our packaging supplier on our site to reduce our carbon footprint.

Aerial view of the headquarters and production site of Werner & Mertz

An entirely eco-responsible site

The choice of renewable energies

Our headquarters and production site in Mainz, Germany, are powered by renewable energy. We use geothermal energy thanks to a geothermal power plant close to the surface of the ground. The energy needed to operate the geothermal pumps is generated by wind turbines on the roof of the building. We also produce additional electricity through photovoltaic panels installed on the roof. Finally, water treatment plants are installed at the entrance and exit of the site to preserve water quality and biodiversity.

Corn rose at our head office in Mainz

A self-sufficient building

Thanks to the combination of these three renewable energy sources, the administration building produces more energy than it consumes, allowing us to return the energy surplus to the city of Mainz. The Werner & Mertz Group was awarded LEED Platinum (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for the construction of this innovative building.

company grounds

Biodiversity Preservation

At our Mainz site, we have implemented various actions to preserve biodiversity: creation of bee refuges, installation of nesting blocks, modification of the mowing schedule, planting of musk roses, sowing of special species for rare plants, signposting of actions carried out... According to observations made in 2019, the flowering areas on the company site have developed very well.

Manufacturing of packaging

An integrated supplier

In order to reduce CO2 emissions, we decided to eliminate the transport of empty bottles on the road by integrating our packaging supplier in-situ. Thanks to a long-standing partnership with our supplier, we have set up a system to manufacture the recycled plastic bottles for our products directly at our Mainz site.

Picture of a product production line

New production unit

With the construction of our new production facility in 2019, we have brought together packaging manufacturing and bottling in one building for greater flexibility. This new plant, built to meet the growing demand for our products, is now the largest production facility for bottles made with 100% recycled plastic in the world.

Made in France

A new step in our approach

In order to further reduce our environmental impact and to meet the growing demand for our products, we have formed new partnerships. Since 2022, part of the Rainett range has been manufactured in France in a partner factory that complies with our industrial specifications and certifications (EMAS, ISO standards, Ecolabel). This new turn of events marks an even stronger desire to give priority to local production and supply.

Logo indicating that the product is made in France with the French flag

Detergents made in France

The production of our liquid detergent refills is now relocated in France. The logo "Fabriqué en France" (Made in France) appears on the packaging of our refills that you can discover or rediscover in the shelves of supermarkets.