Werner & Mertz headquarters in Mainz by night

Rainett, a brand of Werner & Mertz

Werner & Mertz is a visionary and pioneering family group in the field of ecological cleaning.
The Werner & Mertz Group

A family business created in 1867, we decided to support consumers in protecting the environment and took the initiative to launch the first ecological brand available in supermarkets in 1986. Symbolised by its famous frog, this brand, which arrived in France under the name Rainett in 1990, was to revolutionise the market of ecological cleaning products.

Historical picture of the company with its shoe polish brand Erdal

Family business for 150 years

Our company was founded in 1867 with the creation of a wax and polish factory in Mainz, Germany. The Erdal shoe polish trademark was registered in 1901, while the Frog King symbol was added to the trademark in 1903 to form the emblematic Werner & Mertz logo. Today, Reinhard Schneider, President and CEO of the family business, represents the fifth generation of owners. Subsequently, Werner & Mertz expanded its business and launches floor care products and a range of sanitary products. In 1986, the group launched the Frosch brand, the first brand of ecological cleaning products, which arrived in France in 1990 under the name Rainett.

Picture of Werner & Mertz CEO Reinhard Schneider in front of a plant background

A committed president

Reinhard Schneider, President of the Werner & Mertz Group, represents the fifth generation of owners at the head of the family business. Deeply committed to the preservation of the environment, his motivation and ambition is to push the company's ecological commitment even further. In fact, on 27 October 2019, he was given the German Environmental Award for his comprehensive sustainability strategy.

Rainett brand logo representing a green frog with the name written in red

The Rainett brand

In 1986, following a number of successive climatic accidents, the group launched the first ecological brand dedicated to the new eco-responsible expectations of consumers under the name of Frosch. Since its launch, the green frog brand has been respectful of health and the environment by offering ecological and efficient products. The brand was introduced in France in 1990 and renamed Rainett, in homage to a protected species of frog and a sign of good quality water.

A brand that is committed

Rainett is an iconic brand in the green cleaning market thanks to its strong values and commitments. In 2006, Rainett obtained the Ecolabel for its entire product range. In 2015, all of its clear PET containers were made of recycled plastic. In 2018, the Aloe Vera detergent range was chosen as Product of the Year and Rainett won the ESSEC Grand Prix for Responsible Consumption in 2019, recognising its innovative and ambitious CSR initiatives.

	Different Rainett products lined up next to each other

Initially, Rainett offered a range of dishwashing liquids that combined efficiency and gentleness, before extending its offer to other categories: liquid detergents, machine tablets and household cleaners complete the range. In 2018, Rainett launched the first complete 0% (fragrance, colorant and preservative free) cleaning product line dedicated to hypersensitive skin. Over the years, Rainett has innovated to offer practical and effective products that are always respectful of health and the environment.

We strive to make sustainable living possible for everyone, beyond our brands.

Reinhard Schneider, CEO of the Werner & Mertz Group