Our products and their composition

Where to find our products?

We invite you to consult our store locator. Find out more

Where are our products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured in our own factories in Mainz, Germany or Hallein, Austria. Some of our products are manufactured in our partner factories in Europe, such as our liquid detergent refills which are manufactured in France. Find out more about our products.

Are our products tested on animals?

Rainett products are not tested on animals at any stage of their development or before they are marketed. Find out more.

What are our products made of?

Our products are made up of washing agents of plant origin and active ingredients of natural origin. They are vegan and their formulas, free of harmful ingredients, respect health and the environment. Read more about our products.

Do our products contain any harmful ingredients?

We have banned all ingredients or substances that are harmful to health and the planet from our formulas, such as EDTA, PVC, formaldehydes, borates or bleach. We have also removed preservatives (MIT-BIT-CMIT), which are known to be irritants. Read more about this.

Do our products contain palm oil?

Rainett has been committed for over ten years to a comprehensive programme to remove palm oil derivatives from its formulations by progressively replacing it with oils grown in Europe, notably in France. Read more about this initiative.

Are naturally derived ingredients just as effective?

Our eco-friendly products are just as effective as conventional products thanks to the natural surfactants and ingredients we use. Ecolabel certification proves that our products are at least as effective as equivalent conventional products. Read more about this.

What is the shelf life of our products?

We recommend using our products within 12 months of opening the bottle, provided you close it tightly after each use. This is the date until which we guarantee the full effectiveness of our formulas.

Do our products contain perfumes?

The fragrances used in our products are used to perfume. They are present in small quantities and have been chosen for their low allergenic risk. Some of our products do not contain any fragrance. Read more about our products.

Do our products contain allergens?

We exclude from our formulas certain components with a high allergenic potential (cinnamyl alcohol, isoeugenol...). In addition, all our formulas are dermatologically tested. The aloe vera and almond-based products, as well as the fabric softeners and the Zero% and Baby ranges, are hypoallergenic and perfectly suited to very sensitive skin. Read more about this.

Are our products manufactured using nanotechnology?

We do not use nanotechnology in Rainett products.

Do our products contain endocrine disruptors?

Rainett offers gentle and healthy formulas for all its products, with no harmful ingredients. Our products do not contain endocrine disruptors. Learn more about our products.

Are our products biodegradable?

Our formulas have a high biodegradability and completely lose their detergent properties within 28 days. Learn more about our products.

Are our products septic tank compatible?

All our products are compatible with the use of a septic tank.

Are our toilet gels compatible with a micro-station?

All our products, including toilet gels, are compatible with micro-stations.

Are our products dangerous for children?

It is advisable to keep them out of reach of children.

What is our partnership with ASEF about?

The partnership established in 2010 between ASEF and Rainett aims to raise public, media and government awareness of the causal links between household pollution and disease, and to bring about change in the field of health and environment. Read more about the initiative.

Where and how can I get the dosing device mentioned on the back of the detergents

Our consumer service distributes dosing balls to consumers who request them. Please contact our consumer service by email (contact@werner-mertz.com) or by phone (05 55 89 29 20).

Where can I find the full list of ingredients used in your formulas?

The complete list of ingredients is available on each product page of our website. If you cannot find the product you are looking for, you can access all our ingredient lists by clicking on this link. https://detvo.werner-mertz.de/?lang=fr&country=FR&trademark=rainett

Our packaging

What is our packaging made of?

Our plastic bottles are made from 100% recycled PET or PE and are 100% recyclable. Our cardboard boxes are made from recycled paper and are also recyclable. Our flexible bags for washing up liquids or window cleaners are made from a single material (100% PE) so they can be recycled. Read more about our products.

Is our packaging recyclable?

All our packaging is eco-designed to encourage reuse or recycling. All our plastic bottles and cardboard boxes are recyclable. As for our eco-refills, the single-material flexible bags are 100% recyclable. Only our laundry detergent refills, made up of several plastic fibres, are not recyclable. But we are committed to offering all our products in 100% recyclable packaging by 2025! Read more about our commitment.

Our environmental approach

What actions do we take in the production of our products?

The headquarters and production site in Mainz, Germany, are powered by renewable energy (geothermal, photovoltaic and wind). Water treatment plants are installed at the entrance and exit of the production site to preserve biodiversity and water quality. Similarly, our packaging manufacturer has integrated the production site to avoid transporting empty bottles. Read more about the initiative.

What is the Ecolabel?

The Ecolabel is a reliable European label for products and services that have a reduced impact on the environment. It guarantees the effectiveness of certified products. Read more about the Ecolabel.

What is Cradle to Cradle certification?

Cradle to Cradle certification takes into account the materials that go into the product and their interactions, the functionality and use of the product, and the recyclability of the materials at the end of their life, following the philosophy of the circular economy. Read more about the initiative.

What is EMAS?

EMAS is an environmental management system which seeks to assess, improve and guide the environmental performance of companies. Read more about it.

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