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Eco-designed packaging for a circular approach

Rainett is the first brand to massively integrate 100% recycled plastic in all its PET bottles.
This is the number of tons of plastic waste poured into the oceans each year.
This is the percentage of plastic waste in the ocean covering the bottom and underwater trenches.
This is the number of species that are negatively affected by marine pollution.


The principle of circular economy

AN 360°


The principle of circular economy

Eco-designed products

We manufacture products with the lowest possible impact on the environment. Our packaging is eco-designed: packaging is reduced to use as little plastic as possible. We use 100% recycled plastic in the manufacture of our bottles, which are of course 100% recyclable.


The principle of circular economy

Use and reuse

We develop easy-to-use and durable packaging that can be reused. We encourage users to reuse their bottles by refilling them when they are empty with our dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent or household cleaner refills.


The principle of circular economy

Quality recycled plastic

For our packaging and caps, we use transparent plastics that are easier to recycle than colored plastics. Our goal is to maintain a supply of quality recycled plastic so that we can produce new packaging without using virgin plastic.


The principle of circular economy


All our packaging is 100% recyclable so that, once disposed of in the sorting bin, it can be recycled in a closed circuit. We encourage our users to recycle their packaging through awareness-raising campaigns, particularly on the protection of the oceans.

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100% Recycled PET bottles

A worldwide record!

Number of bottles we recycled since 2017:

Eco-designed packaging

To fight against plastic pollution in the oceans, all our transparent bottles are made with 100% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable to integrate a closed loop of recycling. The caps used are made of transparent plastic to guarantee a high recycling quality. To be part of a global approach, our labels are printed with eco-responsible inks, without heavy metals. Our cardboard boxes are made with recycled paper and are 100% recyclable.

The hunt for microplastics!

Bags, bottles, straws... are all waste that pollute the oceans. But there is also a lesser known form of pollution: microplastics. These plastics, which are invisible to the naked eye, come from the degradation of packaging that floats in the oceans or are found, in the form of microbeads, in the formulas of our cosmetics or cleaners and are too small to be filtered by the water table. At Rainett, to protect the oceans, it is forbidden to use microplastics in our formulas, even creamy ones, and we replace them with plant-based alternatives.

Reduce plastic

Save up to 77% of plastic

Rainett has democratized the use of refills that reduce the use of plastic in the home. With a refill, you consume less plastic than with a bottle and you refill the container of your choice. Rainett has also developed the first 100% recyclable refill.

Aloe Vera Hand Dishwashing Eco-Refill
This innovation answers to the 3R principle: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This is the basis of our circular approach.

Rainett aims to have all its plastic packaging made from 100% recycled materials by 2025.