A Rainett Oase room freshener glass bottle with reed diffusers stands on a wooden table

A fresh fragrance for a pleasant atmosphere at home

How to freshen up your rooms with a pleasant fragrance and stylish decoration

The Rainett HOME Room Perfume Sweet Orange creates a gentle and natural fragrance experience in your living space.

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Fragrances evoke emotions and have a positive effect on our mood and well-being. Room fragrances are an ideal way to give your home a special touch.

A room fragrance glass bottle with reed diffusers stands next to a Rainett Oase Orange scent sachet

Which room fragrances improve well-being?

There are countless varieties of room fragrances. But many of them are based on chemicals and perfumes. If you want to give your living spaces a pleasant natural fragrance, go for air fresheners with natural oils, such as the Rainett HOME Room Fragrance Sweet Orange . The practical and decorative diffusers with rattan sticks.

How do I find sustainable air fresheners?

Not all air fresheners spread their fragrance in a sustainable way. Sustainable air fresheners are easy to identify. To make sure you buy a sustainable air freshener, first make sure that the diffuser is made from a recyclable or reusable material, such as glass. The material the sticks are made of should also be eco-friendly, such delicate rattan. The more sticks you use, the more intense the fragrance. In small rooms, you just need 2 or 3 sticks for a pleasant fragrance experience.

A Rainett Oase glass bottle stands on a table and is filled with water and flowers

How can I reuse the bottles?

Just repurpose the simple bottle of your room fragrance as a decorative vase. If you like a minimalist style, just give the bottle a good wash and decorate it with a natural cord. If you want add some colour to your home, just spray the bottle with spray paint.